A multi-faceted physical performer,

extravagant juggler, comic acrobat and

accordion player extraordinaire

Sara began her career with Australia’s Lunar Circus in 2009 and has been involved with their circus school and annual festival ever since.  She attended the International School of Arts in Beijing, China for intensive training in handstands, acrobatics, juggling and umbrella foot juggling.  

She has been an associate with Circus Factory and comic dance troupe ponydance in Ireland. She has delighted crowds with her comic antics and melodious squeeze box in Canada, United States and Europe (Let’s Circus, Fooldhardy Circus and Lost in Translation -UK-; Varietè Pavè -Switzerland- among others).  


Her benevolent spirit has brought her to less desirable locations of the globe to lighten the load of children affected by war and poverty with Clowns Without Borders (CWB).

In 2014, together with the Irish team of CWB, in an effort to help unite ethnic groups of Kosovo, she performed shows in schools, halls and in disadvantaged local Roma communities

In March 2016, with an all female team, she embarked on a sensitive tour of Jordan. Offering workshops, clown shows and colour to dusty, desolate refuge camps of Azraq and Zaatari, one of the world’s largest settlements for displaced people, hosting many recently arrived, traumatized families of the Syrian conflict.  

January 2017, accordion and juggling clubs in tow, she joined forces with CWB USA to bring mirth and inspiration to isolated communities in Chiapas, Mexico. 






Sara Ski - CRBM 2018

Sara Ski - CRBM 2018

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Physical comedic character juggling act


Runner up to Nadia Comaneci in the 1976 Women's Gymnastics competition: Ugona is an artiste of athletic proportions.

She juggles and performs acrobatics in an astonishing and unconventional yet hilarious way.

For style, Ugona scores 10 out of 10! 

Length: 5 min

Non verbal



This unique and elegant balancing act features a woman deftly balancing a bottle on her forehead, but that’s not all.

On top of the wine bottle she precariously stacks four tiers of wine glasses; 

there’s still more. 

Atop the last glass, a fragile egg is delicately placed

on a small platform. From nowhere a magic cane appears and tak! 

She taps the platform from under the egg making it fall into the last glass. 


For the audience it is a breath taking moment!

This act can be performed as

a solo or as a duo act

(in the picture with

Mooky Cornish). 


Length: 5-7 mins

Non verbal

This obscure and curious creature appears mysteriously

and artfully.  

With martial agility she confidently prowls around, except, when her troublesome tail falls off.


Length Variable

numbers 10!.jpg
numbers .jpg

Magic Numbers

Do you like to go deep?                ... Deep into understanding the Universe

Magic Numbers explains it all, cosmology, the past, the future, your shirt size ...

Thick with sexual innuendo this act penetrates the funny bone and mystifies the audience as she magically uncovers compatible numbers with an unsuspecting audience volunteer.

Length: 10 mins

Screen Shot 2018-10-18 at 14.49.29.png
Dr. Skita

This adorable engineer is a colourful addition to any festival. 

A delightful walkabout act, Dr. Skita sizes up, measures and plans, sometimes slipping up and easily coerced to take a break for a musical interlude, a little dancing, or some tool juggling to amuse passersby. 

Dr. Skita


For the Street

Dr Skita
Edmonton Street Fest inside 2018
Edmonton Street Fest. 2018
Edmonton Street Fest 2018
Dr.Skita Canada


VarietePave© Arthur Häberli
VarietePave© Arthur Häberli

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Montreal Clown Cabaret-10
Montreal Clown Cabaret-10

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